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Sativas & Sativa Hybrids

Sensi Jack$8.00/g
Sensi seeds presents Jack Herer, a classic early-harvest, greenhouse grown 2A sativa. A head high with good vibes often accompany this strain with the raspberry tang.
Dark Angel$11.00/g
Dark Angel is a mid-harvest hybrid 3A sought after for its full body effects and sweet nutty flavour.
Pink Lemonade$11.00/g
Pink Lemonade is a tart, 3A sativa-dominant hybrid that adheres to its namesake in flavor and smell. The bud is coated in a generous layer of trichomes atop jade foliage and bronze pistils. It instantly puts the mind into a haze and settles over the body with calming warmth.
Rhubarb Cheesecake$11.00/g
Rhubarb Cheesecake is a mid-harvest hybrid 3A and its genetics hail from the Rhubarb Kush cross with UK Cheese! It has the classic musty cheesy aroma with a tang that provides a heady, euphoric effect combined with impressive pain relief potential! Terrific for pain, insomnia and depressive symptoms.
Scout Master$11.00/g
An inspirational 3A sativa dominant hybrid that is sour all the way around.
Sour Amnesia$11.00/g
Sour Amnesia is a 3A, early harvest sativa-dominant hybrid with an earthy, floral aroma enhanced by a citrus, diesel zest. It took 2nd place during the 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup and is often found to be uplifting and a creativity enhancer.
Chocolate Thunder$11.00/g
Chocolate Thunder delights the aromatic palate with honey, spices and nuts. Often clear-headed and active, this sativa is the consummate daytime smoke.
UK Cheese$11.00/g
UK Cheese is a popular 3A hybrid strain known for its potent, balanced effects and signature musty cheese smell.
Caramel Cough$13.00/g
Congo won't disappoint if you are needing to get happy, its a genetic combination that offers smokers a clean, smile-inducing high that is brimming with positive energy.
Lemon Cherry Pie$13.00/g
Lemon Cherry Pie is a 4A early harvest sativa cross with Lemon Haze and Cherry Pie.
Cherry Pie$13.00/g
Cherry Pie is a delicious smelling 4A mid harvest sativa. The fragrance is reminiscent of a sweet, fresh, green mango, just on the edge of ripeness with dense and chunky nuggets and so many red hairs. A soaring sativa, excellent for enhancing any energetic endeavour.
Green Crack$13.00/g
Few strains compare to this 4A early to mid hearvest hybrid for its sharp energy and focus as it induces an invigorating mental buzz that keeps you going throughout the day.
Sweet Apricot$13.00/g
Sweet Apricot is a 4A mid harvest sativa producing lovely floral notes and a distinctly ripe apricot overtone. With apricot yellow orange hairs, this sweet smoke most often provides a heady, energizing effect.
God's Green Crack$13.00/g
God’s Green Crack is a 4A Sativa that lightens up the heavy effects of God Bud with a high-flying Green Crack sativa.
Sour Tangie$13.00/g
It's succulent creamsicle taste and aroma will give you a sweet dose of summer no matter the season.
Blue Dream$13.00/g
Blue Dream is a Californian, early- to mid-harvest, 4A sativa dominant hybrid. Blue Dream's emerald flowers don bright orange hairs, and the powerfully pungent blueberry aroma fills any room with deliciousness! The effects are often very sativa dominant, but the edge is taken off by the always blissfully relaxing blueberry genetics.
Dutch Treat $13.00/g
Dutch Treat is a great pain reliever and cure for insomniacs; with a high buzz that is deeply euphoric and a body buzz that is quite relaxing, it's a great way to unwind after a busy work day!
Great White Shark$13.00/g
Great White Shark Strain is a 4A Sativa dominant hybrid known for its ability to provide a strong indica body buzz very quickly.
Harlequin is a sativa dominant cross between Colombian Gold, Thai and Swiss Landrace. It is best known to act as a relaxing and calming vehicle and for the patient, after using it, will allow focus and alertness. The flavour and aromatic popularity is due to the essence of mango and earthy musk.
Huckleberry is a mid-harvest sativa hybrid and makes the grade at 4A! The effects of this strain are on the milder side and largely reported as relaxing, cutting through stress without the cloudiness.
Strawberry Cough$13.00/g
Popularized by the dystopian movie Children of Men, Strawberry Cough is an early, mid harvest, 4A sativa enjoyed by both Michael Caine and Clive Owen in the midst of humanity's dark future. Excellent for finding balance in the midst of chaos by reducing your stress and anxiety.
Nuken $15.00/g
Nuken is a 4A+ mid-harvest hybrid that most experience on the sativa dominant side.
Virgin Blueberry Lambsbread$15.00/g
This legendary Jamaican 4A+ hybrid strain is a sweet berry flavoured smoke that is not too heavy and delivers an enjoyable and creative smoking experience.

Indicas & Indica Hybrids

This mid harvest indica 1A has an earthy herbal aroma with kush genetics. Since this grower is just learning the ropes we have a great deal on this strain at $5 a gram!
A 1A Indica dominant strain that showed up to the ball in glass slippers. A grassy journey awaits you as you endeavour to find Fiona. For those who love the CIM smoke at a friendly price.
Chocolate Chunk$8.00/g
Chocolate Chunk tastes like a milk chocolate malt, sweet and creamy and hard to refuse!
Sea Breeze$8.00/g
It's perfect after a long day to unwind with this breezy strain that will let your body chill out while you mind is alert and very creative!
Purple Candy$8.00/g
Deep physical relaxation is the gift with this sweet tasting Indica-dominant hybrid.
Gang K$11.00/g
This 3A, mid harvest Indica hybrid offers an immediate entrance into euphoria of the body and head and a lovely balance of relaxation and functionality that can only be described as divine.
Gorilla Glue$11.00/g
This even balanced 3A hybrid offers a powerful buzz high leaving your feel like your head is filled with glue.
Holy Grail$11.00/g
This 3A, indica hybrid offers a diverse balance of relaxation and functionality that can only be described as divine.
Purple Kush$11.00/g
This 3A mid harvest Indica is optimal as a go to smoke when you are in pain and need some relief.
Named after the famous German herbal Liqueur, Jagermeister is an L.A. Confidential x Blueberry cross mid harvest indica hybrid. Purplish buds with an aroma of earth and wood makes Jagermeister pleasing to all the senses.
Malana Kush$11.00/g
Malana Kush is a Himalayan pure mid harvest indica that's earthy, sweet and good for the body.
This 4A Indica dominant hybrid has strong hitting effects without the sedation.
Screwhead OG$11.00/g
This strain offers a strong, heady onset that hits right between the eyes, but afterwards settles into the body, exhibiting a comfortable energy throughout.
OG Kush$11.00/g
OG Kush is a 3A mid harvest indica hybrid, with medium-trimmed, emerald green in colour; provides mildly sweet notes of herbs and green pine.
Purple Ayahuasca$11.00/g
This psychoactive indica gives all you could need in a 3A. Smells of berry and sweet notes give this experience a good start topped off by notes almost but not quite piney textures.
Blueberry is one of the most famous strains of all time, and this 3A early harvest Indica is a fitting member of the family.
Blue Widow$13.00/g
Blue Widow is an indica-dominant strain developed by crossing 'White Widow', which is a female plant from BC with 'Blueberry', an Aloha male. You can find help in relief from anxiety, hypertension, stress and migraine headaches. Blue Widow has been identified as helpful in relieving nausea caused by chemotherapy.
Death Bubba $13.00/g
Death Bubba is a beautiful, purple-hued strain and the smoke is sweet and earthy, while its semi-sedative effects unknots tension and soothing minor physical discomfort with ease.
Bubba Kush$13.00/g
A very hearty mid harvest 4A indica powerhouse that announces itself immediately.
Kandy Kush$13.00/g
Kandy Kush is a 4A Indica dominant hybrid and very popular with medicinal growers, Kandy Kush provides a potent indica high with pronounced pain relief.
Purple Warlock$13.00/g
A Purple Warlock joint paired with plenty of good java can aid focus, and may help relieve attention problems like attention deficit / hyperactive disorder and depression.
OG God$13.00/g
This beautiful 4A unique potent cross with the "God" bud is one of the best OG Kush strains available with its powerful indica and sativa rush.
Sweet and Sour Widow$13.00/g
This Sweet and Sour Widow is a delight to be rolled! She is a lovely 70/30 indica-dominant cross between White Widow and an unknown Sativa dominant hybrid. She will take you to another world with her mind-body relaxation techniques and sedative-like qualities. While she more than stimulates your taste o the bud while she will take you by the hand and lulls you to lalalaland.
God Kush$13.00/g
God Kush is a 4A indica strain with large, dense, purple tinged buds on short, compact plants with heavy branching. God Kush is a potent indica-dominant hybrid that can give users an almost hallucinogenic high while tasting of tropical fruit with undertones of berry, lavender and pine.
White Star$13.00/g
White Star is a 4A mid-harvest Indica dominant hybrid that smells of dried mango and produces laughter and heavy doses of relaxation.
CBD Bubba$13.00/g
CBD Bubba's dark colours, sweet fuel notes and unique high CBD cannabinoid profile makes this strain uniquely suited for those who want the relaxation without the stoney effects.
Sour Kush$13.00/g
Sour Kush is a 4A, mid-harvest indica hybrid. Its buds are a light mint green colour with the odd purple highlight and a generous dusting of trichomes. Its bouquet is reminiscent of roasted rooibos tea. This strain provides balanced hybrid effects of uplifting mood enhancement and mild sedation, great for day or nighttime smoking.
Death Bubba$13.00/g
This 4A mid harvest indica will guarantee a powerful THC high with semi-sedative effects that will guarantee a peaceful sleep!
Tuna God$15.00/g
Tuna God is a 4A mid-harvest indica touted to be the king of the sea of green. This strain has the sweet light fragrance of an aquatic flower with classic kush undertones.
Virgin God Kush$15.00/g
Virgin God Kush is a 4A indica-dominant hybrid strain with large, dense, purple tinged buds. With the untrimmed leaves, the true beauty and power of this strain shows itself. This is one you cannot miss!

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The World’s First Premium Cured Cannabis Brand

Curó is a portmanteau of the English word, Cured, and the Spanish word well-known to cigar connoisseurs, Puro. Curó is characterized by an enhanced cannabinoid profile, refined aroma, nuanced flavour, and a velvety smooth smoke. 

We are dedicated to the traditions, care, and craftsmanship of cured cannabis. Nowhere else will you find the best quality, exotic strains meticulously selected and cured for maximum quality and potency.

Exclusively distributed in Canada by Compassion in Motion.
For the best Curó smoking experience, download our Curó Experience booklet.

CURÓ Specialty Strains

Curó Blueberry$25.00/g
Curó Blueberry is a 6 month cure, mid-harvest 5A hybrid which comes from the 1970’s Exotic Landrace Strain and the clear, early harvest trichomes provide an uplifting counterbalance to blueberry’s smooth relaxing vibrations. It gives a lovely relaxing body high that is excellent at night after a long day at work.
Curó Cherry Pie$25.00/g
Cured for 8 months, this strain called Cherry Pie is a mid-harvest 5A , born out of a cross between Granddaddy Purple x Durban Poison. This blend will provide cannasseurs alike with a very satisfying smoking experience.
Curó Grapeberry$30.00/g
Cured for one year + this 5A indica hybrid is not one for the weak at heart. Berry and sweet earthy undertones give you the ultimate cannasseur experience. This indica hybrid will not let down and definitely delivers.
Curó Jack Diesel$30.00/g
Curó Jack Diesel is a 14-month cure, early harvest 5A Sativa sporting Jack Herer x NYC Diesel parentage. A super smooth smoke with a clean, functional, feel-good sativa high.
Curó Master Kush$30.00/g
Curó Master Kush is a 5A, 13-month cure, mid-harvest indica with fluffy yet sticky flowers emanating whiffs of rosemary and fresh herbs, providing a pleasant rich and earthy flavor to the palette when smoked.
Curó Northern Lights$30.00/g
Curó Northern Lights is a 5A mid harvest indica, descending from Thai and Afghani landrace strains, and has been famous since the 1980’s making it absolutely fitting that the Northern Lights' lavender aroma and soothing medicinal effects alleviate headaches, soreness and cramps so well.
Curó Purple Warlock$30.00/g
Curó Purple Warlock is a year old + cured Indica hybrid sporting a peppery aroma with a hint of mint and grape.
Curó Sour Jack$30.00/g
Sour Jack is a year old + cured Jack Herer x Sour Diesel early harvest sativa hybrid with crocodile green flowers are tightly trimmed, dense and chunky, emenating powerful citrus lemon notes.
Curó Space Monkey$30.00/g
Curó Space Monkey is a 5A, mid-harvest hybrid, Space Monkey is a heavily leaning indica dominant hybrid flower. The effects of this strain are heavy in the limbs and eyes and will leave you glued to the couch. Earthy and sour in flavor with woodsy aromatic notes.
Curó Super Silver Haze$30.00/g
Our Curó Super Silver Haze is a 10-month cure, early harvest sativa-dominant strain. This is an award-winning strain which took the first prize winner at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997, 1998, and 1999, and it also won awards at the High Times Harvest Festival.

Gourmet, Edible Cannabites

Delicious, herb-infused edibles

Made by our in-house pastry chef, our bite-sized edibles are designed for the calorie-conscious edibles aficionado. Made in limited small batches, a perfect personal treat or gift for your loved ones.

To keep our cannabites fresh, we only carry a small amount with us. For orders of a dozen or more, call ahead to reserve: 778 223 4370 or email us at orders@cimdelivery.com.



Our sampler packs are a convenient way to try a variety of our premium, exotic kinds. Fresh-rolled daily, limited supply.

You can also place your order at least a day ahead to customize your pre-roll sampler pack selection, call us at 778-223-4370 or orders@cimdelivery.com



Our state of the art distillate vaporizer. This kit consists of one cartridge, one battery and one charger. Cartridge contains 0.8ml Flyte oil.

This is not a pen for puffing. It’s a pen for the long haul. Choose from 6 classic and satisfying flavours! In addition, we now carry 3 NEW CBD options!



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