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Sativas & Sativa Hybrids

Sensi Jack$10.00/g
Sensi seeds presents Jack Herer, a classic early-harvest, greenhouse grown 2A sativa. A head high with good vibes often accompany this strain with the raspberry tang.
Scout Master$14.00/g
An inspirational 3A sativa dominant hybrid that is sour all the way around .
UK Cheese$14.00/g
UK Cheese is a popular hybrid strain known for its potent, balanced effects and signature musty cheese smell.
Sweet Apricot$16.00/g
Sweet Apricot is a 4A mid harvest sativa producing lovely floral notes and a distinctly ripe apricot overtone. With apricot yellow orange hairs, this sweet smoke most often provides a heady, energizing effect.
Cherry Pie$16.00/g
Cherry Pie is a delicious smelling 4A mid harvest sativa. The fragrance is reminiscent of a sweet, fresh, green mango, just on the edge of ripeness with dense and chunky nuggets and so many red hairs. A soaring sativa, excellent for enhancing any energetic endeavour.
Blue Dream$16.00/g
Blue Dream is a Californian, early- to mid-harvest, 4A sativa dominant hybrid. Blue Dream's emerald flowers don bright orange hairs, and the powerfully pungent blueberry aroma fills any room with deliciousness! The effects are often very sativa dominant, but the edge is taken off by the always blissfully relaxing blueberry genetics.
Nuken $18.00/g
Nuken is a mid-harvest hybrid that most experience on the sativa dominant side. The very loosley trimmed buds make this strain an absolute show stopper and the only one to receive a 4A+ grade! Those lovely long leaves protect these untouched virgin buds' precious trichomes like the peel of a banana and allow for glistening heavy trichome coverage. Nuken offers delicious notes of mango and berry, undress them by hand and discover the pleasure of truly cared for top grade cannabis.

Indicas & Indica Hybrids

Named after the famous German herbal Liqueur, Jagermeister is an L.A. Confidential x Blueberry cross mid harvest indica hybrid. Purplish buds with an aroma of earth and wood makes Jagermeister pleasing to all the senses.
Malana Kush$14.00/g
Malana Kush is a Himalayan pure mid harvest indica that's earthy, sweet and good for the body.
OG God$16.00/g
This beautiful 4A unique potent cross with the "God" bud is one of the best OG Kush strains available with its powerful indica and sativa rush.
OG Kush$14.00/g
OG Kush is a 3A mid harvest indica hybrid, with medium-trimmed, emerald green in colour; provides mildly sweet notes of herbs and green pine.
Purple Ayahuasca$14.00/g
This psychoactive indica gives all you could need in a 3A. Smells of berry and sweet notes give this experience a good start topped off by notes almost but not quite piney textures.
Holy Grail$14.00/g
This 3A, indica hybrid offers a diverse balance of relaxation and functionality that can only be described as divine.
Space Monkey$16.00/g
Space Monkey is a 4A, mid-harvest indica hybrid with an creamy herbal wood aroma. Chill, body stone.
God Kush$16.00/g
God Kush is a 4A indica strain with large, dense, purple tinged buds on short, compact plants with heavy branching. God Kush is a potent indica-dominant hybrid that can give users an almost hallucinogenic high while tasting of tropical fruit with undertones of berry, lavender and pine.
Virgin God Kush$18.00/g
Virgin God Kush is a 4A indica-dominant hybrid strain with large, dense, purple tinged buds. With the untrimmed leaves, the true beauty and power of this strain shows itself. This is one you cannot miss!
CBD Bubba$16.00/g
CBD Bubba's dark colours, sweet fuel notes and unique high CBD cannabinoid profile makes this strain uniquely suited for those who want the relaxation without the stoney effects.
Tuna God$16.00/g
Tuna God is a 4A mid-harvest indica touted to be the king of the sea of green. This strain has the sweet light fragrance of an aquatic flower with classic kush undertones.
Sour Kush$16.00/g
Sour Kush is a 4A, mid-harvest indica hybrid. Its buds are a light mint green colour with the odd purple highlight and a generous dusting of trichomes. Its bouquet is reminiscent of roasted rooibos tea. This strain provides balanced hybrid effects of uplifting mood enhancement and mild sedation, great for day or nighttime smoking.


The World’s First
Premium Cured Cannabis Brand

Curó is a portmanteau of the English word, Cured, and the Spanish word well-known to cigar connoisseurs, Puro. Curó is characterized by an enhanced cannabinoid profile, refined aroma, nuanced flavour, and a velvety smooth smoke. 

We are dedicated to the traditions, care, and craftsmanship of cured cannabis. Nowhere else will you find the best quality, exotic strains meticulously selected and cured for maximum quality and potency.

Exclusively distributed in Canada by Compassion in Motion.

For the best Curó smoking experience, download our Curó Experience booklet.

Gourmet, Edible Cannabites

Delicious, herb-infused edibles

Made by our in-house pastry chef, our bite-sized edibles are designed for the calorie-conscious edibles aficionado. Made in limited small batches, a perfect personal treat or gift for your loved ones.

To keep our cannabites fresh, we only carry a small amount with us. For orders of a dozen or more, call ahead to reserve: 778 223 4370 or email us at orders@cimdelivery.com.



Dry sift is a form of hash, like kief, that’s named after the process used to make it. It’s a hands-on, craft approach to separating the trichome heads from the plant material. Compared to icewater-processed bubblehash, or most solvent-extract marijuana concentrates, dry sift is different because its live resins contains more of the many compounds that cannabis plants manufacture.

Gourmet, Herb-Infused Butter

Handcrafted with love.

Each jar is made with high-quality ingredients, made in small, boutique batches, using chemical-free extraction, and gourmet emulsification techniques.

Available flavours include Natural, Reese’s Peanut Butter & Chocolate, Apricot Mango, Sweet Chilli, Herb and Garlic, as well as Seasonal flavours. Dairy and vegan options available. Customized orders welcome!



Our sampler packs are a convenient way to try a variety of our premium, exotic kinds. Fresh-rolled daily, limited supply.

You can also place your order at least a day ahead to customize your pre-roll sampler pack selection, 778 223 4370  or orders@cimdelivery.com.


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